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It may surprise you to learn that we do not sell demolition services. We sell solutions. By this we mean that we bring far more to every project than our ability to selectively remove structures and obstacles. To start, your contact at Dickens will take extraordinary care in getting to know and understand YOU the customer. Then, by employing years of time tested and proven experience in conjunction with our fleet sophisticated equipment, DQD can deliver the precise solution necessary to meet and exceed your requirements. These are the building blocks of the success that our customers have enjoyed since our beginning.


Nothing speaks louder than results—in this regard, DQD is uniquely qualified to perform. Highly motivated, conscientious people and integrity throughout our organization from top to bottom is the core of our success. In addition, our use of the most advanced tools and equipment bring both a superior quality of work and service to every project from large to small.

We understand, among other things, your budget, your timing, building codes and safety regulations. With DQD, you are working with a company dedicated to making the project run smoothly—from beginning to end. Keeping a keen eye on the smallest detail is the secret behind the success enjoyed by our clients.



It’s a process that begins with our comprehensive estimating, planning, removal and final clean up. Nothing is taken for granted. Every aspect of your job is identified and considered. With DQD, we sweat the details so you won’t have to.

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